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Dog Boarding

We have large indoor kennels with individual attached outdoor covered runs so the dogs are able to get plenty of fresh air with a rural outlook without being exposed to the weather. In addition dogs are exercised individually twice a day in one of four grass paddocks securely fenced to a height of six feet so you can be sure your dog is safe whilst having complete freedom. 

For families with multiple dogs, kennels can take up to four small dogs depending on their sizes although two per kennel is the most ideal. Dogs can be placed opposite each other so they can still see each other and they can still all go out to exercise together. All kennels have individual heaters as this allows heavy coated dogs to not have direct heat. Even if your dog does have it’s heater on it can move away into a cool area if it feels too hot. We feel this is healthier than central heating which the dog cannot get away from.

The dogs are fed once or twice a day, whatever they are used to at home, good quality, wholesome food. If you would prefer your dog not to change food or if your dog requires something special then you are welcome to bring it, we have fridge and freezer facilities available. All dogs must be vaccinated and their up to date vaccination certificate must accompany them. We recommend Kennel Cough vaccination but DO NOT insist on it.

To meet hygiene standards dogs are in uncarpeted “rooms” which are disinfected every day. Kennels are thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected before the next guest arrives. Plastic beds are used for convenience of disinfecting and vetbed is washed between dogs. Dishes are stainless steel and fresh water is given twice daily.

Boarding Rates for Dogs from 1st April 2016

1 Dog £11 per day or part day including vat

2 Dogs Sharing a Kennel £20 per day or part day including vat

3 Dogs sharing a Kennel subject to the size of the dogs £28 per day or part day including vat.

Our prices also include food that we stock.


Cat pens have a large floor area with a raised bedding area and a cat flap leading to a large covered outdoor exercise area. Cats can get plenty of fresh air without being exposed to bad weather. Each cat has an individual heater so that if they are too hot they can move away and cool down. Security corridors ensure the safety of your cat.
We have cat pens for up to four cats from the same home but ideally they are best in pairs although they can be placed opposite each other so they can still see each other.

Cats are disinfected daily and scrubbed thoroughly between guests. We offer Whiskas, Felix and Iams. We can feed your own food if you prefer.

Boarding rates for Cats from 1st April 2016

1 Cat £7 per day or part day including vat

2 Cats sharing £13 per day or part day including vat

3 Cats sharing subject to the size of the cats £18 per day.

Our prices also include food that we stock.

Guinea Pigs/Rabbits

Boarding rates are £3.50 for single pets or £5 if your pets are sharing, this is also per day or part day.

We provide the bedding and daily veg, but ask that you provide the dry food.

We are happy to discuss individual pricing for longer stays above 3 weeks or for regular day care. Please note that all of our daily rates are charged per day or part of a day as opposed to per night.

Collection and delivery times are the same as for the dogs.

our collection and delivery times are set so that the pets are not disturbed all day long and have quiet times in which to relax.

Mornings 8.30 - 10.30 am (7 days) -
Afternoons 3.30 - 5.30 pm, except Sunday and Bank Holidays where it's 3.30 - 5pm

What to Expect